Pyspark Practice (1) – PYTHONHASHSEED

Here is a small chunk of code for testing Spark RDD join function.

a=[(1, 'a'), (2, 'b')]
b=[(1, 'c'), (4, 'd')]
ardd = sc.parallelize(a)
brdd = sc.parallelize(b)
def merge(a, b):
if a is None:
return b
if b is None:
return a
return a+b
ardd.fullOuterJoin(brdd).map(lambda x: (x[0], merge(x[1][0], x[1][1]))).collect()

This code works fine. But when I apply this to my real data (reading from HDFS and Join and write it back). I ran into the PYTHONHASHSEED problem again! YES AGAIN. I did not get chance to fix this problem before.

This problem happens for Python 3.3+. The line of code responsible for this trouble is pythont/pyspark/, line 74.

 if sys.version >= '3.3' and 'PYTHONHASHSEED' not in os.environ:
        raise Exception("Randomness of hash of string should be disabled

After searching around and trying many different proposals, I really got frustrated about this. It seems the community knows well this issue and Spark Github seems having fixed it (2015), while my version (2016) still does not work

A few options I found:

  1. put export PYTHONOHASHSEED=0 .bashrc
    • Failed. In a notebook, I could get out the os.environ[‘PYTHONHASHSEE’] and it was correctly set. This is the correct way for standalone python program, but not for spark cluster.
    • A possible reason is pyspark has a different set of environment variables. It is not about propagating this variable across workers either because even if all workers has this variable exported in .bashrc, it still will complain.
    • Doesn’t work. Some suggested to pass this to pyspark when starting notebook. Unfortunately, nothing fortunate happened. and I don’t think I am even using yarn.

Anyway, in the end, I find the solution from this link. Most of pssh can be ignored. The only line matters is place ‘Export PYTHONHASHSEED=0’ in to conf/ for each worker, which confirms the statement that PYTHONHASHSEED=0 should be somehow placed into the Spark Run-time Environment.

Thanks to this post, which saved my day:


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