Pyspark Practics (2) – SPARK_LOCAL_DIRS


You may have run into the error that there is no space left on the disk for shuffle RDD data although you seems having much than enough disk space in fact.

It happens because usually we allocate a not-so-large space for system dir /tmp, while SPARK by default use /tmp for shuffle RDD data which might be quite large. (There are some posts questioning whether SPARK never clean temporary data – which can be a severe problem that I personally did not confirm). Anyway, as you can guess now, the SPARK_LOCAL_DIRS is designed for this purpose that specifies the location for temporary data.

You could configure this variable in conf/, e.g. use hdfs


There is spark.local.dirs in conf/spark-default.conf for the same purpose, which however will be overwritten by SPARK_LCOAL_DIRS.


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